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About Bokura no Shoten

Bokura no Shoten is a Japanese “SHO” calligraphy group formed in the summer of 2009, composed of university and high school students who believe in the possibility of calligraphy.

Our group was formed to discover a new side of “SHO” through fresh and youthful sensibility, without being bounded by existing expression method. We aim to explore new expressions while following the history of “SHO”, especially since the Meiji Era.

Our exhibition was held in Tochigi prefecture in 2010 for the first time, then again in 2012 (Tochigi), in 2014 (Tokyo and Tochigi), in 2016 (Wien), in 2017 (Tokyo), and in 2018 (Tokyo). In 2019, we held the 8th “Bokura no Shoten” in Tokyo and published our book with works and papers.

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Born in 1992

Solo exhibition: Shizuoka 2017


ITO Satomi

Born in 1991



Born in 1993

Solo exhibition: Utsunomiya 2015

KOKUBO Mitsuki 

Born in 1997

SATO Tatsuya

Born in 1990

Solo exhibitions: Omotesando 2019,

Ginza 2016, Kanuma 2016 and Utsunomiya 2012

Director, “Bokura-no Shoten”

(Sho Exhibition Collective of Young Calligraphers)


Born in 1991



Born in 1992



Born in 1993

展覧会英語 のコピー.png

Culture Center, Utsunomiya 2010/2012

Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Ikebukuro 2014

Palais Pálffy, Wien 2016

Gallery Ginza Art Hall, Ginza 2017

Gallery Temporary Contemporary, Tsukishima 2018

Gallary Binosha, Nezu 2019

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